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The Blog - Giro pela Toscana (A Loop in Tuscany)

Tuscany is one of the most stunning and versatile regions of Italy. A fortunate balance between tradition and modernity, a land that offers options for all tastes - beaches, mountains, fields and beautiful cities surrounded by art and history.

Full of particularities, it go beyond the most know touristic points suche as Pisa Tower, the magnificent Florence Cathedral, or my beloved Piazza del Campo, in Siena. Lose yourself through the small streets and roads and find your own inspiration, a special place to call yours. Tuscany is worth the trip, by the way, to say the least, worth many.

The Blogger - Roberta Ristori

A young brazilian lady of origin and soul, undeniably, tuscan! Blogger, writer and author of the poetry book "Avida Virada" (Sudden Turn), published in 2004.

A passionate traveller, but never give up a little comfort - I do not share a bathroom for anything in this world, I am the owner of unique tragicomic camping experience and have nerver satayed in a hostel.

In spite of being a lawyer, I find out that the profession would overwhelm me as a person - I'd rather deal with people's dreams and not their problems! I'm post graduated in journalism from Casper Libero Foundation.

After this, I worked with pressed midia, TV and internet. In the weekly marketing journal called "Meio e Mensagem" (Midst and Message) I was a reporter for the online broadcast as well as the pressed material. Previously I also worked as a reporter on webTV named "AllTV", with live streamming and writing.

I'm specialized in Social Media through the "Le città del futuro dei toscani nel mondo Percorsi di crescita tra nuove professionalità e creatività nel era del web 2.0" (The future tuscan cities in the world - The growing pathways between new professions and creativity on web 2.0 age), promoted by Tuscan Region and turned to its descendents all over the world.

From this initial group of more than a hundred people I was selected by a commission formed by members of Tuscan System Foundation (journalistic core responsable for the official web sites of Tuscan area) and by the pubblicity agency H-Art - part of WPP Group - along with 6 other youngsters from different parts of the globe.

The blog "Giro pela Toscana" (A loop in Tuscany) was created after the Festival della Creatività (Festival of Creativity) in Florence, and nowadays, even with the end of the contract with Tuscan Region, my love for Tuscan goes beyond, so I keep writing.

My blood connections  i have (my grandfather was born in the gorgeous city of Siena) and the roots in Italy, the facts is that my biggest passion is the "multifaceted" land of many beauties and many surprises that facinates and hear is the place I found to share it with you all!




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